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I traded in a pair of MG-3A's in the early 80's to buy a pair of Acoustat Model 3's. ACOUSTAT X DIRECT DRIVE ELECTROSTATIC TUBE AMPLIFIERS PAIR of Electrostatic amps, high voltage direct drive electrostatic speakers tube amplifier, Acoustat model X OVERVIEW: High output tube amplifiers for driving Acoustat Electrostatic speakers without the use of the transformer interfaces. But I think there were some issues with the transformers needing to be rebuilt over time. Be aware, these produce lethal voltages !!! Acoustat Spectre 33 Full range speakers Acoustat Model 6 Power Supplies x 4 MK-121-2A Tweaks . Magnepan is the leader is high value, high quality, flat panel audiophile speakers for stereo and multi-channel use. Shop with confidence. Acoustat was one of the original "full range" ESL designs and I heard several different models through the years. The Spectra series is a big improvement with regards to dispersion and imaging over previous models. txt) or read online for free. What I don't know is which are the best models to look for. Heard other models on various speakers with mixed results. Some are 4. Sign In. I remember that speaker very clearly, as it was the first full-range 'stat I'd heard that had satisfactory bass for pipe organ music. They are really phenomenal speakers. i'm looking at maggies and found your setup. com. While I'm still an electrostat fan forty years later using models from Acoustat and Sound Lab, I heard 3. Today, you can't be in business if your computer is out of business. Acoustat Model 1 Owners Manual Different models are different impedances. Medallion transformers and MK 121-2A interface. I never got to hear the model 3, but one day in 1977 or 78 I drove to Columbus OH to visit a shop that just got the Acoustat X. Our Price: 2100. Electrostatic loudspeakers (ESLs) have always held a fascination for audiophiles. As the grille cloth (or socks, as they’re often called) is nearly impossible to find these days, try to find a pair that have not been physically damaged. These 1+1's come with the latest Red Medallion interfaces. These changes are ones that can be used to make your speakers sound better, in some environ Right now I'm debating on the possibility of acquiring vintage HiFi speakers to my current setup. We are liquidating several pairs of Acoustat large panel electrostatic loudspeakers for immediate pickup, first come, first serve, Model 2's priced from $500 to 750/p Hi there yes you are, Acoustat owners are very lucky audiophiles, i belong to a group of owners in Quebec Canada our main man of the group is Jocelyn he gives old Acoustat's a new life with all is mods here is an example of his work on my 1+1s and his Spectra 8800 DIY models the 1+1s are 14x94x3 inches and weigh 200 pounds, the 8800s are 41x102x10 inches and weigh 800 pounds, you may also see All the work seen on this thread is done by my friend Jocelyn he as many years experience in rebuilding Acoustat's he as contacts all over the world. That means undone projects, fractured schedules and costly downtime. Also I was relatively broke at the time and they were both sold before I was ready to buy. Acoustat Spkrs - Info needed I recently acquired a set of ACOUSTAT MK-121-2 speakers with a Magne-Kinetic I/F from a friend that unfortunately lost most everything in a recent flood. not sure for 12s, but just letting your know what i've heard. Andy has been answering questions of Acoustat owners for over four years now and since a year and a half Mike has joined forces to answer the questions for the oldest models. A very nice pair of Acoustat model 1+1's for sale. I've owned quite a few Acoustat models over the years, and to me these are the most coherent and easy to drive. They had a fine price/performance ratio when new. Since then I've had nothing but various Acoustat models in my main system. Started out with a few different Wharfedale models, tried MMGs, bought MG12s and gradually upgraded everything else. 122. Acoustic Guitars from Amazon. Acoustat Model 3 pricing information. The SP-G300II is better known as the SP-L800 here in the states. Enjoy the lowest prices and best selection of Acoustic Guitars at Guitar Center. Most orders are eligible for free shipping. High limit aquastats regulate boiler burners operation when thermostat call for heat. Find out why Close. The MK 2123 interface is also a big improvement. Acoustic speaker fabric for speaker repair, custom speaker projects, wall panels, and entertainment centers Electronics service manual exchange : schematics,datasheets,diagrams,repairs,schema,service manuals,eeprom bins,pcb as well as service mode entry, make to model and chassis correspondence and more. move your ahead an inch and the whole soundstage moved around. Mar 16, 2009 The short comings of this particular model and the 1100 model as well,is in . 6. Found 98 records in Search of Planar Speaker Asylum. First introduced in 1960, it didn't take long for this acoustic-electric to become a legend thanks to its versatile nature, and ability to sound superb in There were several Acoustat [12] models manufactured, and the Infinity Servo-Statik and its successors which used a dynamic subwoofer at low frequencies. It costs a small amount of Gold Points and your contribution will help to build a better online community. 1s in that same space and later in HP's multi-channel rig exquisitely driven. I replaced the heavy burlap grill cloth with a much more transparent and open sounding spandex material which allows the high frequencies to come thru with no veiling whatsoever. The fellow answering claims to have worked at the Acoustat factory. For Models Two/M H Three/M 5. . I've had Acoustats since 1979 (4 different models), I currently run a pair of Spectra 3300's, similar to your 'new' speakers. Another full-range speaker that is out of production was the Canadian manufactured Dayton Wright XG-8 and the XG-10 from 1968 to the 1990s. I have owned many models and can repair most panels and electronics write or call for pricing. Used. DON'T PANIC! These are tweaks and modifications submitted by individual contributors and not from the Acoustat factory, and are typically ones that the factory could not do while keeping user costs down. I have owned Acoustat's speakers for more than 25 years Spectra 22s - Spectra 33s - 2+2s - and finaly my favorite 3 pairs of 1+1s dollar for dollar there is'nt a better speaker out there i am including a couple of pictures you may choose the one you want mor the model number the fact that you have none available. Some variations used both 8" and 9" models, but I think that was only early on. About the highest end amplifier on hand was a Parasound HCA-1000A, with neither enough power, nor enough Speaker grill cloth. " Why? Electrostatic loudspeakers (ESLs) have always held a fascination for audiophiles. I got started in this hobby in the early 2000s, after twenty years of listening to my Akai AA-A35, Pioneer CD player and BSR Collossus speakers from DAK Electronics. Our A#1 priority is to provide Very High Quality literature reproductions for your treasured Vintage /Classic (and newer) audio equipment. Are goal is to supply you with electrostatic speaker repair or parts to build your own electrostatics loudspeakers or we can do the work for you. Acoustat Electrostat Various Models for sale. LOCAL PICKUP ONLY This is a very rare pair of speakers! Only 50 pair of these were ever made by Acoustat. Have a hard time deciding? Call us and we can discuss any questions you have. It is in good condition, one speaker has missing badge. Are there any good high quality models or brands that I should look out for? I have also heard that there are many phony vintage scam models that exist with in the good stuff, such van scam speakers, etc. Acoustat Model 1 Owners Manual - Download as PDF File (. Acoustat ESL Speakers . It has two 12" woofers and a horn tweeter. The Jantszen, Beveridge, KLH, Acoustat, Stax ESL-F81s, and Servo-Static models in the late 1960s and '70s, as well as the MartinLogans and Sound Labs of today, all promise faster transient response, low distortion, and a higher order of "transparency. You can make yourself an amplifier which will be as good as any available commercially vermont for sale - craigslist CL vermont vermont albany, NY binghamton boston catskills eastern CT finger lakes glens falls hartford hudson valley ithaca maine new hampshire new haven northwest CT oneonta plattsburgh potsdam-massena rhode island south coast syracuse utica watertown western mass worcester > For a updated version of one of Gibson's most admired guitar models, the Gibson Hummingbird pro acoustic-electric is sure to please the ears, eyes and hands of any budding singer-songwriter. They were both smaller models. I plugged them in and got nothing. Acoustat pdf files containing the following files in Adobe Acrobat PDF form: MODELS CONTAINED AS FOLLOWS: S=SERVICE MANUAL O=OWNERS MANUAL D=DIAGRAM SCHEMATIC B=BROCHURE R=REVIEW 1 1+1 2 3 O 1 1+1 2 B 1 1+1 2+2 3 B 2 3 4 B 2 3 4 B2 2 3 4 O 2 3 4 R 2 3 R 2 R 2+2 3 4 B 2+2 3 4 B 2+2 O2 2M 2-MH 3M 3MH O 2M 3M O 2-MH B 2-MH D 3 4 R3 3 B 6 8 B 6 R 8 StereoManuals has High Quality Service Manuals Factory ORIGINAL Manuals PDF Manuals Electronics Repair Schema Schematic & User Owner Operating Instruction Manuals Vintage Classic Audio Stereo Equipment I've done some searching on the web and I understand which model is which and when each model was made. I guess you could get one of those apparatus that you place your chin on at that optomitrist. The earlier versions have a wooden base the extends about a foot off the floor. 00 €. :rolleyes: Very large acoustic sources at mid and high frequencies do a lot of weird stuff like bloating image size and poor spatial location not to mention comb filtering. Crossover is at 1500 HZ. Fred Kurz (May 3, 2004): Once upon a time in 1978 or 79, a pilot friend in Miami called and said, "We have to go and hear these new speakers!" We went to 4020 N. Acoustat Speaker System manuals Manualslib has more than 9 Acoustat Speaker System manuals Click on an alphabet below to see the full list of models starting with that letter: I don't think you got the model number right they look like they may be on of the Spectra series models though. I was less savvy than today, so I missed my chance. Andy Szabo was an engineer and general manager for Acoustat, from 1985 (when acquired by Hafler), to the end of US production. Double check the model number and I can check the Audiogon blue book for you (it is a service that you must pay extra to get). I thought the Engstrom amps didn’t sound as good as Kondo on big Living Voice speakerstonality was not as natural. These speakers no longer have the "head in the vice" issues that earlier models were prone to. Some models used a stand alone sub, while later models had a woofer integrated into the base of each speaker. There are other planar dynamics around as well, Magnepan and others, and ribbon-based models like the big Apogees that were amazing (assuming you had an amp happy with a 1-ohm load). he'll probably sell them to me for the $150 he paid for them. High Purchased the Acoustat electrostatic loudspeaker product line and trademarks from Rockford in 1992 and stared manufacturing the panels in Udine the year after with some final assembly at their Milan headquarters. I've owned 5 different models of Acoustat over the years and all of them required a vice grip on the head for best imaging. " Why? About Honeywell Aquastats Aquastat is a Honeywell’s registered trademark and is a device used for temperature control in hydronic heating systems. There are two main versions of the Model 3's. I had heard 20. introduced the Slimline series of speakers in the form of the Model Two, Model Three and Model Four. pdf), Text File (. Adding multiple panels increased sensitivity, and broadened dispersion. Please check pictures for additional  I plan to give specific model Reference designations after some further research and communication (not all the Acoustat models are equal). I imported a pair of Acoustat 2+2 electrstatics after hearing SteveM's direct drive Acoustats. At least one is 6. I thought the tone of Steve's speakers were really very good, and I could understand why so many people also enjoyed this speaker. But now I had the Acoustats, I really didn't have a suitable amplifier for them. From what I can glean, The MK-121-B designation is not a model, but rather is a panel type. In 1983 Acoustat introduced the Modular Hybrid series of speakers including the 2MH and the 3MH, these were sold either as full range electrostats or offered with a crossover and a dynamic driver unit integrated into the base, in a similar fashion the Model 1+1 that was introduced in 1984 was either sold as a full range speaker with a MK-121 Acoustat pdf files containing the following files in Adobe Acrobat PDF form: MODELS CONTAINED AS FOLLOWS: S=SERVICE MANUAL O=OWNERS MANUAL D=DIAGRAM SCHEMATIC B=BROCHURE R=REVIEW 1 1+1 2 3 O 1 1+1 Details. As far as optimal listening goes, high frequencies beam to the point that the listening window is a one person affair. Year: Model Number: Model Name: Price: Single/Pair: 1970: L75: Minuet: $114 : ea: 1970: L44: Lancer: $120 : ea: 1970: L66: Lancer: $144 : ea: 1970: L88: Nova: $186 ESL Repair brings you the finest in electrostatic loudspeaker repair service. 1+1s are two Mk-121-B panels stacked one atop the other to make a tall, narrow tower, the 2s are two Mk-121-B panels side Nope, only heard this model with this speakerthe result was quite good. But now there's DataVac, the world's best computer cleaning systems. on Audiogon, the High-end Audio Community Acoustat model 8s = 8 panels per side 4+4 stacked verticaly about 41x94 inches Acoustat model 6s - Spectra 66s - Spectra 6600s = 6 panels per side 3+3 stacked verticaly about 31x94 inches Acoustat model 2+2s - Spectra 44 - Spectra 4400s = 4 panels per side 2+2 stacked verticaly about 21x94 inches Selling my Acoustat Model 6 full range electrostatic speakers with Red Medallion transformers. I'd say you're dead on with your conclusions. if not, there's lots of knowledge and info there. Some pictures of the Acoustat panels and electronics. Oh yea, good electronics too. stereophile. They are extremely large (94" tall X 28" wide) with the base platform being 30" x 30". Acoustat has been out of business for a few years which has not helped thier resale value. View online or download Acoustat Three/MH Owners Manual And Assemly Instruction. my wife and i are going down to san luis obispo over labor day. I guess when I think of "difficult loads", I think of complex impedance with resistance, capacitance, and inductance that varies a lot with frequency. Excellent sound and condition! I'd love to keep them, but they require a much different setting to sound proper - I'd either have to lose the massive rear projection tv or find another large room for them - neither is possible rt now. Ivory. This particular pair is as close to mint as you could likely find and have the Mk 121-2 interfaces. I'm having a serious problem of the right speaker suffering significant volume loss. 6? also, sounds like your looking for more power for them? thinking of biamping? i heard that 400wpc + biamp is the best for 1. Compute the short-term Fourier transform (STFT) with usual parameters (wl for window length, ovlp for overlap of successive windows, and wn for the name of window shape). The principle of acoustat is as follows: . thanks for sharing Yes of course! With the technical knowledge and experience of 35 years our service team is able to repair nearly every brand of electrostatics such as; Acoustat, Audiostatic, Final, Martin Logan, Quad, Solosound, Magnepan magnetostatics and others. One minute piece of lint, dust, hair, debris or paper shred can stop your computer cold. It was probably the first commercial line-source speaker of any kind since it pre-dated the Magneplanars. 00. Cost-effective repair and restoration service is available for virtually every current and discontinued electrostatic loudspeaker model. Acoustat 2-MH speaker panels. Click on thumbnail to enlarge use the back arrow on your browser to return Inside the Acoustat Can be adapted to other models. The Acoustat X is a direct-drive in the electrostatic speaker category. Both were and still are great speakers, but the MartinLogan Ethos outclasses them both. In an effort to increase the efficiency and increase the bass impact, Acoustat mated subwoofers with the speakers and thus produced the model 1s and maybe a couple of more models with the subs, as I recall they did a much better job integrating the subs with the panels than any other manufacturer I've heard has done, but the sweetness was the アクースタット モデル3の澄んだ音を聴きながらオーディオ漫談 Audiophiles' talk listening to the crisp sound of Acoustat Model 3 speakers A clean pair of Acoustat 1+1s, with either cream or black grille cloth, should set you back about $600 to $800. Introduced the Spectra 1200 in 1994 but that was a cosmetic redesign of the Spectre 1100 intended to suit European tastes better. The Acoustat 3 use the 121 transformer which is the generation that preceded the Medallion transformers used by the Spectra series, so I'm not too familiar with the earlier generation. Acoustat Model 1 Owners Manual. Sound Lab was founded by legendary designer Roger West in 1978 and produces some of the best reviewed, most popular electrostatic loudspeakers in the world. 6 ) Also tried Dali, JM Focal Lab speakers but always perferred panel speakers. An electrostatic loudspeaker (ESL) is a loudspeaker design in which sound is generated by the To date, Acoustat built the only commercial "transformer-less" electrostatic loudspeaker. We produce printed manuals for more than 100,000 models. It was manufactured from 1976 to 1980. I imagine you've already seen the Acoustat Answer Man thread over on DIYaudio. These were more reasonably priced than previous models from the company but were not available with a servo-amp nor the Magne-Kinetic interface but rather used a cheaper and more traditional single transformer to allow the Acoustat Three/MH Pdf User Manuals. DON'T PANIC! These are tweaks and modifications submitted by individual contributors and not from the Magnepan factory, and are typically ones that the factory could not do while keeping user costs down. This item consists of eight used Acoustat electrostatic panel parts (each speaker shown on the pictures has 2 pairs of panels for a total of 4 pairs from the two speakers) removed from working Model 4electrostatic speakers. 7s at Sea Cliff a few years ago and was very impressed with their improved sense of coherence and transparency. Regardless, Acoustat built some of the better sounding, and more reliable electrostatic speakers. " Back at the AcoustatAnswerMan thread at DIYAudio, poster Kouiky writes incredibly dense, condescending and essentially content free prose relying on marketing buzzwords and inuendo about how Acoustat lovers are fooling themselves into believing Acoustats are the best speakers ever. These were more reasonably  ACOUSTAT MODEL 1 electrostatic speaker pair - $400. I had also heard other Acoustat models, and generally liked them, actually somewhat sorry I hadn't gone that route instead of endlessly modifying my LS3/5A's. . lower priced speaker, the Model One which uses a dynamic woofer but preserves the electrostatic  Nov 9, 2017 The method employed by Acoustat for its first model was to construct the electrostatic speaker from several tall, narrow vertical strips arranged  These are tweaks and modifications submitted by individual contributors and not from the Acoustat factory, and are typically ones that the factory could not do  Acoustat Model 1 Owners Manual - Free download as PDF File (. there you will find an  In 1981 Acoustat Corp. Marantz Models 7T, Model 15 and Model 20 Vision4 Magazine. com/old-school/acoustat-11-electrostatic-loudspeakers/  Feb 12, 2013 I have owned two pairs of electrostatic speakers, the Acoustat Model X, with the built-in tube amplifier driving the panels directly, and the  Two Cabinet Design - model DM947 The large white Acoustat electrostatic panels shown above have 32 times the diaphragm area yet we hear almost no . :cheesygrin: The Spectra series was considered by many to be an improvement over the earlier Acoustat models. Pick up in Detroit or I can meet half way up to around 1 hi all, been a while since I've posted here before. Did they get progressively better with time? Are the Spectra models better than the earlier ones? Do the 1100, 2200, etc models sound better than the 11, 22, etc models? Apogee Centaur Electronstatic Loudspeakers Reviewed By But unlike the last models which inspired this sort of reaction -- Stages and Calipers -- the new Centaurs really do make Apogees Apogee Centaur Electronstatic Loudspeakers Reviewed By But unlike the last models which inspired this sort of reaction -- Stages and Calipers -- the new Centaurs really do make Apogees Reminds of my Acoustat 2+2s. However, I can  Feb 16, 2016 Read more at http://www. MSRP went from $2,995 for the first models to $4,595 for I have owned two pairs of electrostatic speakers, the Acoustat Model X, with the built-in tube amplifier driving the panels directly, and the Acoustat 2+2 full range electrostatic speakers, with the more conventional transformer-type interface. These changes are ones that can be used to make your speakers sound better, in some environments, and possibly at greater expense. i love the reliability of the Acoustat panels and electronics, in addition to the wonderful sound. In Reply to: RE: Acoustat 1 + 1 - shorter height question posted by Sondek on June 26, 2019 at 15:11:09 . Upload. My favorite was the Acoustat 4, a huge I've owned 5 different models of Acoustat over the years and all of them required a vice grip on the head for best imaging. Your Acoustat electrostatic loudspeakers are finely crafted pieces of Acoustat speakers Models Two/M and Three/M and Models Two/MH and Three/MH utilize   The range of Acoustat models also now includes a smaller. One thing that eased production complexity for Acoustat was virtually all models used pretty much the same panel. Pair of Acoustat Model Spectra 1100 Electrostatic Speakers. Hi Mister Pig, having owned 4 different models of Acoustats in 30 years - Spectra 22s - Spectra 33s - 2+2s - and finaly this is my third and last pair of 1+1s living in a condo this is the model that is best suited for my space, the 1+1s are also the most difficult to drive of ALL Acoustat models 81db, with Acoustat's more you have panels the easier they are to drive, they do need GOOD Items in the Worthopedia are obtained exclusively from licensors and partners solely for our members’ research needs. I have never been disappointed in the sound of the Acoustats. Later models, such as the Acoustat, Sound Lab, Innersound, and the current Sanders models go way beyond the limitations talked about by those who have heard the KLH Model 9. My favorite was the Acoustat 4, a huge what size is your room that you decided you like the 12s better than the 1. Find great deals on eBay for Acoustat Model X Speakers. In 1983 Acoustat introduced the Modular Hybrid series of speakers including the 2MH and the 3MH, these were sold either as full range electrostats or offered with a crossover and a dynamic driver unit integrated into the base, in a similar fashion the Model 1+1 that was introduced in 1984 was either sold as a full range speaker with a MK-121 they might be worth. Acoustat Model 3 for sale. Models are designated by names such as 1+1, 2, 2+2, 3, 4, 6, and 8. The hat will be automatically removed after 1 month, or you can also remove it in your profile. Acoustat Model X Mcintosh c 26 Video Demo Richard Munczenski. However I've heard some people (minority) actually prefer the transformer models. Guess what, a pair of Acoustat Model 3's came up for sale and I  Please check out the 'Available Parts' section on the 'General information concerning Acoustat models' page in the 'Models' section. I tried them with a velodyne, titanic mkII, quatro 15 and finally a pair of RSS315HF-4 in 2 cubic foot sealed boxes (essentially the RS1200 Kit). Local pickup only in NW Miami. 04) Posted by rodeo-al on 2004-06-26, 23:44:48 (68. As happens they arrived same time as the Red Spade Audio PSE-144 horns, and got relegated to the shed. It's little brother is the SP-L700 with two 10" woofers and the same horn. An acoustic guitar can be a fantastic investment in time and money when you spend the hours needed to learn how to play it. In 1981 Acoustat Corp. Acoustats biggest panels where called the "professional series" and there where two models: Model 6 and Model 8. i noticed a few acoustat posts in the past, so maybe you guys might have some advice. Closer to pure Its been a long time since I been on this forum I have owned electostatic speakers in the past - Acoustat Spectra 22, Martin Logan SL3, Martin Logan Aeon and 1 pr of non electrostatic panel speakers ( Magnepan MG1. "Man, this hobby is getting out of hand. i just know my friend is going to try and convince me to buy his acoustat model 4's with custom subs back up with me. (Beware of absolutes!). Skip trial 1 month free. We want you to see a complete description AND individually-assigned quality rating *before* accepting your payment. YouTube Premium Loading Get YouTube without the ads. Utilizing patented technology, Sound An Acoustat 2+2 owner at the time, I was blown away by how open these speakers were compared with mine. These speakers were purchased from the original owner. 120) Hi, I have a pair of not-so-popular acoustat, spectra 2200 with MK-2123. There were 50 pairs of the Model 6 speakers made. If you have an interest in audio there are plenty of opportunities for home construction of hi-fi equipment. com/content/klh-model-nine-loudspeaker- jgh- . Category A very nice pair of Acoustat Spectra 33 electrostatic speakers for sale. For sale is a pair of very nice Acoustat Model 3 panel speakers with rosewood trims or bases. So the review here will be of the Model 2 Acoustats. Loading Unsubscribe from Acoustat 6s need a BIG room to do there thing and if you thought your Tannoy dual concentrics were on the directional side, wait 'til you set these puppies up. We can repair many of the electrostatic loudspeaker built over the last fifty years. Here is some linkage to an old thread at The Audio Circuit. 1: Please help! acoustat spectra 2200 problem (13. I seem to remember that some older ones were 8 ohms, but I could be wrong. Acoustat Model 6 for sale. 29th Ave, Hollywood, Florida and just inside the door to the left there Find great deals on eBay for acoustat model 3. The tall speakers seen in the video are Acoustat 1+1's. Frames for models 2 - model 3 - model 1+1 - 5368 Model 1+1 for our friend Randall in Barbados the interfaces are seperated from the panels to be placed near the mono amps. I listen mostly to Jazz  Floorstanding loudspeakers Acoustat Model 4. txt) or read online. The Apogees might have be 'Stages'; the Acoustat model I couldn't guess. Magneplanars are much simpler. These three models first became available in 1967 and 1969. Festive hat is a fun way to express your emotions on your profile picture that is shown next to all your posts. My impression is that when Acoustat ditched the servo amps in favor of transformers it was to appeal to the people that already had big powerful amps and wanted to use them. I recently purchased these gems but they are just are too large to make us all happy. While the model 2 always seemed a bit congested and lacking in ultimate focus, with The original Acoustat ESL panel is nearly indestructible, but the power  Results 1 - 25 of 39 Get the best deal for acoustat from the largest online selection at eBay. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Acoustat Service Manuals Audio Electrostatic Speakers Electronics Repair CD at the best online prices at eBay! Re: Subwoofer matching to Acoustats I have the Acoustat IIIs with Medallions upgrades. acoustat models

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