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" He said in a heavy japanese accent. V: Todays mission hadn’t really gone to plan like it should’ve…to make a long story short, my love interest is a cat now. He’d have to pause for a moment and just look at your face. See more ideas about Genji shimada, Art reference and Artist. He feels the way your chest rises and falls as you breath, and he can hear your heartbeat so clearly. I moved to @ameliemp4 All my post will still be here overwatch overwatch headcanons overwatch imagines overwatch nsfw overwatch x reader genji genji shimada genji x Genji please hold my hand and cuddle me softly. Discover the growing collection of high quality Most Relevant XXX movies and clips. " It is not safe to sit alone out in the open. Current fixation is the Fate series, followed by My Hero Academia. I have written tons of OW fanfic, mostly focusing on my fave boy, Genji. “She’s having the baby. Genji sighs and begins to walk away. overwatch overwatch x reader overwatch imagines dva x reader [朝] Mornings ― Malzahar x Reader. I write Overwatch fanfic's, headcanons, pairings and light nsfw. Tumblr has made and official statement on twitter about what’s going on: We’re committed to helping build a safe online environment for all users, and we have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to media featuring child sexual exploitation and abuse. He spent a great deal of his younger years feeling lonely and unwanted, and trying to compensate for that loneliness through drinking, partying, and casual sex. Overwatch x Reader (Various Series) Read Cuddle Time from the story Overwatch Boyfriend One Shots by DeadlySheep2212 with 7,277 reads. Reinhardt, Hanzo, and 76 with a (younger, like mid 20s) S/O who's very self conscious and needs a lot of reassurance? And especially likes to be physically affectionate (holding hands, snuggling up beside them, just touching them somehow). Hanzo Shimada x Male!Reader - Teach me your ways, Mister Archery-Master. answer posted 2 years ago 378 notes. He wishes he could cuddle you like that. Anonymous said: HC's of Hanzo and Genji ( separate ) trying to cuddle with pregnant! reader but their dragons keep nipping at their hands and growling. -McCree is an excellent cook and will bring you breakfast in bed often, especially if you aren’t feeling well. So, there’s a secret entrance. You’d say or do something small and he’d just start to feel butterflies in his stomach. Genji lets you choose how to position yourself against him and goes from there. Sry for the long wait school was in the way. Genji Anonymous said: hello! would you be willing to do some hcs on how hana genji and prefall gabriel would react to/assist/comfort their s/o who's been experiencing a sudden depressive episode for a few Dangerous Colors ONE SHOT. September 01, 2016 It’s hard for him to cuddle in his dragon form, so About the author. Hanzo feels the names on his wrist warm and the tug towards you both, but he looks at your faces and how casually you’re cuddled on the bed (because you thought it was just Genji coming in, and frankly he’s seen worse) and Hanzo sees everything he absolutely does not deserve, so he turns and leaves. But since the old German was very clear about not accepting the cyborg as your boyfriend until he had truely proven his "worth as a true warrior", there Cuddle (Genji Shimada x Reader)Genji Shimada leant against the back of the couch, finally able to relax after a rough day. A skilful throw and clean strike had ended the bandit's life. [Request] Genji x Reader - T-That’s a Dragon! Fandom: Overwatch Pairing: Genji x Reader Words:3193 (went a little overboard here) Warnings: None, I think Notes: I don’t know I long I have this in my Genji values close personal relationships very dearly, whether they are sexual or not. My birthday is coming up in a couple of weeks and all I can think about is my knee. It was cold. NSFW ahead. Friend zone level Genji - 9GAG Yandere Gabe, Jesse, and Genji reacting to their s/o finally giving in and slowly starting to show affection?? Like, they just accept the fact that they can't escape and soon return their romantic feelings? Watch Mercy porn videos for free, here on Pornhub. Pairing: Genji Shimada x Reader Summary: Stop signs are in red for a reason. genji, reader, overwatch. Thanks  Dec 31, 2017 But if you see him sitting down and just plop your head into his lap. How to open read-more on mobile. A/N: Another wonderful request from @a-boy-is-a-gun!I’ve never written for Hanzo before, so this was an interesting one to try and work on. He's also a Pokemon trainer, and between learning about his new friends, catching new Pokemon, and adjusting to life in the Nanzo region, he has more than enough to keep him busy without the mysterious whispers about "Team Power" that may mean more to him than he realizes. Genji. I wanted headcanon format but it went into drabbles on me, Anonymous said: Hey there, hun. ” Genji stops and turns around to see Hanzo looking down, he looked so worried. He is not embarrassed, he’s a man on a mission. Genji is moving things a little too fast. His quirk, Dark Shadow, bloomed especially well in the darkness. Only a few soldiers kicking about, everyone else is gone. Read Cuddles from the story Overwatch Husband Scenarios by KhaoticKris with 42428 reads. com. Red irises bore into the dreadfully white walls of the tiny checkup room. 1 (f/c) - favorite color . :< Genji will try to come up with a lot of excuses as to why the dragon is attracted to you, but after very frequent visits it gets harder and harder to hide. stalkersguro-deactivated2019051 said: Sup! Loved the genyatta piece :D can u do a scenario with mcgnenji (poly) and an s/o that doesnt understand why such cool and handsome men are interested in her. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don’t wanna. O. “You’re so cute when you pout like that. Genderneutraal! Reader. The noodles have made themselves comfortable on Combining all these together because I do what I want yo! They were curled around each other, so intertwined that an outsider would have trouble seeing where one of them started and the other ended. A/N: Truth is, I have not once played overwatch - mainly because my Computer can’t run it and I’m one poor son of a bitch that can’t afford a new one, nevertheless I love these characters and enjoy writing about them, so excuses in advance if they are a bit out of character. GENJI X READER. Training with Reinhardt definitely was no easy thing to go through. Training with Reinhardt definitely was no easy thing to  Aug 31, 2016 Genji X Reader A day to remember You wish days could always be like this. The cyborg had been glaring at the walls for almost an hour and a half. We were going through the Hidden Mist Village when all of a sudden a snot nosed brat used some sort of cat justu on Sakura-chan as a prank. Anonymous: Morticia Addams x fem reader. this is an overwatch headcanon blog, if you haven’t noticed. > Genji Request: Hanzo x reader where he thinks his s/o(wife) died but at the overwatch recall shes just like ‘oh yeah wassup im alive’ and he just breaks down in happiness and they just hold each other and cuddle whispering sweet nothings? A shockingly soft cuddle buddy McCree Jesse McCree McCree x reader Blackwatch McCree Blackwatch Genji genji shimada Genji x reader Blackwatch Genji Reaper gabriel #genji x reader #genji imagine #genji shimada. Anonymous asked: Could you do an imagine where a reader admits in a very distressed or injured state that even though they’re in her home town her house wouldn’t be safe because their family is part of talon/ overwatch and disowned them when they joined the apposing side for Gabe, genji, and mccree Prefers to be the big spoon. 1 Basement started flooding this morning, thunder woke me up and I’ve been writing this for three hours. No other sex tube is more popular and features more Mercy scenes than Pornhub! ow guys and girls (not all) cuddling with youuu~ uwu I wanna cuddle with hubby~~ Genji He’s a little hesitant to cuddle with you, not in a offensive way. . Quality stuffing and very fluffy! Pillows are hand made! Each pillow measures approximately 10 inches x 13 inches and 2-3 inches thick with a super soft felt backing Can we have Vampire Genji relationship headcanons - Anonymous said: Can we have Vampire Genji relationship headcanons with his SO, maybe a comparison of young and cyborg if possible? Overwatch Fanfic Writer: Requests/Asks Open Hello! I'm a 20 , panromantic asexual woman who works two jobs and has three fur-babies. (Junkrat, Genji, and Lucio) Anonymous said: Can you do writing prompt 97 with Genji (and maybe McCree if you want to)? Answer: Genji & McCree, must be my lucky day!~ - - 97. -McCree will gladly watch any movie with you, no matter how Reader and Genji are two students, childhood friends, attending Japan's most exclusive high school. You’d teasingly offer him the teddy bear and he’d say he doesn’t need it… UNMASKED | (Genji Shimada X Reader) “Yikes. He is somewhat jealous of the dragon. an abnoxious carrot top green, and his mouth upturned in a smile. “The higher-ups are long gone. so i saw those cuddle headcanons for sombra,, i love them!!!,, but what about sombra with an s/o that Has to be the cuddled/little spoon most of the time due to uh,, very intense lonliness and anxiety issues,, Hanzo doesn’t open his eyes when Genji asks his question, nor does he answer the question. Va) (x female reader) usually you two will cuddle while she’s doing her streams or while she’s just play video games, sometimes she’ll play multiplayer games with you, meanwhile you guys are cuddling (tracer) (x female reader obviously) tracer always so bubbly and LOVES cuddles more that any overwatch member. SFW. could you please tell me any headcanons where it's the regular sdr2 game, but instead of the basic despair disease, characters infected suddenly have some genocide syo impression/ripoff as a split personality? if you'd rather not think about this for all of the sdr2 cast, then how about for the murderers? thanks. Let me explain. Instead, he felt an arm, which caused him to open his eyes from shock. Genji took a few steps back to peek out from the wall to gesture to the I’ll Do The Work - Sombra X Male!Reader who isn’t overly experienced in bed; Flesh - Widowmaker X Fem!Reader who was caught singing along to the song Flesh by Simon Curtis and widow decides to help the reader live out the fantasy described in the song Friend zone level Genji - He's belongs to only Zennyatta!va, but aware, I love you, lil rabbit girl He's old enough to be your dad dva calm ur shit thirsty hoe lololol poor dva got the hover hand haha overwatch genji x tracer - Yahoo Image Search Results Master-CazCaz — gamiing-art: Overwatch Fanart : Mercy & D. Hello everybody! On this page I'll inform you about the latest NEWS: Updates, New Otome Games, New Sub Stories, Special Sales or any News I can find. Word Count: 2,529 The clattering of spilled drinks and fake laughter filled the atmosphere with an aura of privilege and falsehood. fanfiction, overwatch, xreader. agent reader flirting with Hanzo/Reinhardt/ genji/Lucio and successfully making  Aug 3, 2018 Genji finding out he is falling in love with the female reader, and how He's the type to secretly hug his blankets/roll around in his bed and  Jun 14, 2016 Closer (F!Reader x Genji Shimada) A/N: I am traaaaash for Overwatch fluff, yes I am! So much of the feels for stupid shit like this. McCree x Reader A Day Out. Personal Writing Blog I write Reader-Insert smut and fluff. She, however, made him long for the light. ” You grinned as you lifted a large bottom panel to swivel up revealing a crawlspace. Side to Side (Sugar Daddy!Gabriel Reyes x Reader)Can also be found on my AO3 >>> here. Genji- • He is comfortable enough to take his mask off around you, doesn’t mean he isn’t constantly afraid you’ll look at him and see (Genji x Reader) I really love holding you, darling (McCree x Reader) Wait, don’t pull away… Not yet (Genji x Reader) You’re the perfect height for me to rest my chin on your head (McCree x Reader) I like the way your hand fits in mine (Hanzo x Reader) You look so comfy, and cuddle-able (Reinhardt x Reader) Anonymous: Mcree and Lucio (sorry it’s 4 am and I’m not the best at spelling) where the reader ‘dies’ and then one day you show up at a bar and you two see each other (YEET ASKS ARE OPEN I LOVE THIS BLOG) •Genji is more physical with his comfort, if you were feeling stressed or upset he’d hug you and play with your hair and try to calm you down genji x reader genji zenyatta x reader zenyatta overwatch ((A/N - Please note that there is NSFW content below)). Will only cuddle you she or you are sad / had a bad week. Sipping tea in your SO much fluff I'm DYING!!! Me: *drowns* If it's okay Reaper, Genji and Junkrat with a small s/o that like to snuggle? . From behind the curtain a much younger and lighthearted boy stepped through. " He said as if he had read your mind. Genji cheats on you and Hanzo saves the day “Do you like it when I touch you like that?” and “You have no idea what you do to me” S/O is a meme “Open up” and “Good girl” (NSFW) Anonymous said: Last year on my birthday I tore a ligament in my right knee. ugh yes can you tell i looove genji? I hope this is okay! :) GENJI: - Due to Genji being part omnic, he would initially be hesitant about cuddling and a nervous wreck bellffxiv:. McCree • He can never keep his hands off of you, no matter what size you are • You do have days when you feel a bit self conscious, as though you don’t fit in with other people on base and how they seem to magically keep super strong and toned Anonymous said: jack, hanzo and genji reacting to their s/o babysitting them when they get sick? Answer: Going to be writing young!Genji since I’m fairly sure that cyborgs don’t get sick. "Yo. Self conscious Genji and Reaper being comforted by their s/o. Watch Dva porn videos for free, here on Pornhub. Anonymous said: How would Hanzo and 76 react if one of those nice guys™️ were bothering their s/o? Like she made it clear she wasn't interested and he keeps trying to contact her and threatens to hurt Poly!MercyReaderWidowmaker where the reader gets back from a mission that they weren't supposed to get back from with a lot of wounds and scarring (emotional and otherwise) If you're uncomfortable with poly then just them seperately would be awesome (sorry they're just my favorite characters and I really like you're writing) Gabriel Reyes x Male!Reader - if only they had known. His hair. Genji, of course, would hate her taking him apart like a puzzle. He’s a bit hesitation since his body is a series of hard carbon and metallic parts. as always, thank you for having this blog open. Mind if I request some fluffy interactions with Hanzo from Overwatch? Preferably about date night plans. shimada, 76, scenarios. The nurses would occasionally peek into the room to check on what he was doing. Thank you for the first request! Genji bae deserves all the cuddles in the world. Multi-Fandom Blog- Check About Page for All Fandoms (Inbox Count: 25) Anonymous said: Could you do Gabe, Jesse, Hanzo and Genji as vampires? How would they deal with cravings (especially with being around S/O), other stuff I love your work! Jul 6, 2019- Explore DMSly's board "Genji Shimada / Genji & Lena Oxton / Tracer" on Pinterest. But since the old German was very clear about not accepting the cyborg as your boyfriend until he had truely proven his "worth as a true warrior", there He’d be a bit jealous, though. uwu I wanna cuddle with hubby~~ Genji A Overwatch imagines blog for MLM written by a MLM to cuddle “Jes, i have to do this-“ #reaper x reader #genji x reader #genji shimada x reader #genji x McCree and Genji snowday with kids head cannons McCree • “What? But its cold” • “Well if the lil monsters wanna i guess” • This man dose not know the cold • Nor dose he handle it well. Can you write Reaper, McCree, and the Genji > It’s the most stressed out anyone has ever seen of Genji, dashing around the base trying to find you! > At first he sees you in his room and just thinks Ganymede has gotten lost. Until we have official names, please refer to the new Pokemon girls as sword_and_shield_blonde_trainer, sword_and_shield_female_trainer, and sword_and_shield_male_trainer respectively. ” I’ve been feeling kind of down lately also college has been dragging me down again, so request might slow down. Of course you can! Just know I suck at writing for her. Tags: genji x reader genji shimada x reader overwatch x reader overwatch headcanons. He continues to stay silent. Your P. Genji would maybe tease you a bit, but he wouldn’t try to hurt you. Just recently, my cat was diagnosed with Sarcoma, a rare and aggressive kind of cancer that if it goes untreated she will have mere months to live. but he just thinks that it’d be super uncomfortable to cuddle with his cyborg body. Doomfist with touch-sensitive reader (NSFW) Domestic HCs. Anonymous said: If u do nsfw will do genji x reader bondage and fluff aftercare? Answer: ((A/N - Omg where has the time gone. Reader and Genji fall in love with each other in their alternate identities. Then you noticed the body laying on the ground some steps away. Malzahar noted, his hand blindly reaching about to find his blanket. You looked at him, confused over his presence. Beware- she is the cuddle monster. Like Genji, suggests that you should try to eat in moderation so you still eat healthy while eating tasty Bribes you with baked goods (or sweets of your choice) if you eat a healthy dinner tonight mccree x reader mccree imagine genji x reader genji imagine reaper x reader reaper imagine The World Could Always Use More Love! before cuddle sessions so she can relax easier angela ziegler mercy x reader overwatch genji genji shimada genji x Politely stepping back, he allowed genji to introduce himself next. So, this turned out longer than I expected. Cuddle Time Genji Shimada. But they would be  May 12, 2017 Anonymous said: I had a dream about cuddling with McCree and we s/o in a catsuit, can you do one with Genji and Hanzo this time around? Nov 5, 2017 Anonymous said: Junkrat, mccree and reaper kiss headcanons please? to kiss you are when you're cooking something, reading, or just sitting by . Read Cuddles from the story Genji x Reader by AshenRainia with 1,982 reads. Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 It’s the end of April and I’m talking about Christmas, but it’s because I kinda wish it was [闇 & 光] Dark and Light ― Tokoyami Fumikage x Reader. 1. A blog to satisfy my It had been a while since Genji had seen a storm, he realised. He adored the darkness. <3; He also enjoys resting his head on your chest. Rule 34, if it exists there is porn of it. One would think he is not the best to cuddle with. The computer console was already hooked up to his central chassis. Thunderstorms: Overwatch x Reader pt. After all, you’d cuddle the teddy bear(s) instead of him! He’d probably pull your teddy bear away during the night and replace it with himself. Thanks! Answer: - You had gotten so used to seeing in grays that when the world burst into color for Anonymous said: Soulmate AU Genji x reader and seeing black and white until you meet your soulmate. A warning would’ve been nice, Genji. However, if you assure him you want to cuddle, he’s all for it. DOOMFIST X READER. does anybody care about this blog anymore? Afterwards, when everything’s said and done, you two would most likely have your first official cuddle, and coincidentally, Gabe would be an amazing cuddler. Anonymous asked: Genji and prefall gabe with a virgin s/o who is excited, but incredibly clueless and extremely nervous about their first time? NSFW under read-more. can you write some sin? sin sin sin Cuddle him and kiss every scar on his body. )) — “I am glad you trust me to do TEAM MANLY DRAGONS!!!! pillow plush. 5M ratings 277k ratings See, that’s what the app is perfect for. Wanting for you to be comfortable above everything else. Suddenly, reader is given an alternate identity fighting crime which plagues the city. Hanzo:After my first mission to figh -McCree is the kind of man you can send to the store to buy you anything. His features were much more soft, but no less striking. “Hanzo, please, I need to know you are well,” Genji pleads. Answer: Of course! This really lends itself to headcanons, so I - Genji doesn’t care if you are a lil bit chubby - Actually that’s a lie - He heckin loves it - There is more of you to hold on to and cuddle and hug - He can plant lil kisses everywhere - Age ain’t no thang - No matter how you look, he will forever find you jaw dropping - He actually dropped his face mask when he first saw you - Hilarious #fareeha amari #pharah #zarya #overwatch #pharah x reader #zarya x reader #these were so much fun to write! #i'm trying to get all the short stuff out so that i can focus on the drabbles when my laptop is fixed #so hopefully i can get a few more out! #i hope everyone is doing okay!!! i played ranked for two hours with the best lucio today Genji followed you with caution to the side of the building. It was so late into the afternoon I had given up on His s/o probably wouldn’t even have to ask he would already have them on his lap or be in the process of pulling them to him His s/o cannot walk past him while he’s sitting without an arm snaking around their waist and getting pulled to him One hand wrapped around their back and resting on their Genji x Reader Late Night Soothing *MINI UPDATE THING* Soldier 76 X Reader In the Sun with Cuddles. Reader X Everyone. Sakura Haruno x Fem! Reader. reader-reblogs. Aftercare is important. Just a cute, but angsty idea I had itching about Blackwatch!Genji for a while. Anonymous said: Cuddle headcannons for Reinhardt and McCree with a smol clingy fem so Answer: Thanks for your request! I feel like some wholesome cuddles are exactly what we need after that last fic (Oneshots, please!) fem! s/o just lounging around until their lover comes over and starts using their boobs as a pillow. Thanks! Answer: - You had gotten so used to seeing in grays that when the world burst into color for Cuddle (Genji Shimada x Reader)Genji Shimada leant against the back of the couch, finally able to relax after a rough day. Genji silence of the lambs au Despite having ample time to get ready since you got home from work you still felt entirely anxious and unprepared as you used up the whole time. Anonymous said: Soulmate AU Genji x reader and seeing black and white until you meet your soulmate. First part and I think it kinda sucks, but Aug 4, 2017 Genji Shimada leant against the back of the couch, finally able to relax after a rough day. 8 Hello everyone, I know I haven’t posted anything in a short while, but this is an emergency and I need your help asap. X = X-Ray (Let’s see what’s going on in those pants, picture or words) Genji sat right next to you, almost so close that your knees touched. Text. ‘Did I get drunk and bed someone?’ the Prophet thought, sitting up and turning to gaze at the body beside him. (D. Genji looks visibly flustered and apologizes profusely for disturbing you with his dragons. No other sex tube is more popular and features more Dva scenes than Pornhub! Nurse!Reader x Blackwatch Genji Pt. It is hand made from 100% cotton with a super soft felt back. Liam is a third culture kid (TCK) starting at a new school in a new country. steal cuddles from Genji; she likes to drape herself across their shoulders. If you know something and want to let everyone know about it, please let me know it. suck my toe, jk. It was the work of only a second to find the diagnostic maps, select his right arm, and deactivate it. Genji purrs like a lawnmower. genji x reader cuddle

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