Ignition fuse keeps blowing

Just wondering if it could be the ignition switch or maybe the starter. Immediately turning ignition to on position (not to start,  I am trying to figure out why I keep blowing fuses. . 2l auto. I have looked at 2 things that could be the problem. ey everyone. 1) Is it really blowing the fuse when you put it in GEAR or is it blowing the fuse when you pull in the clutch to put it in gear. Inspect the harness that leads from the engine bay to the transmission for pinched wires, burnt wires on the exhaust. I spent two hours checking the harness and the fuses and found nothing. Some guy that my dad works with said the ECM fuse keep blowing on him and he replaced the ignition moduale or some thing 1996, 1100 Ace- recently changed the fuel pump with an aftermarket one and when trying to start after repair I keep blowing the 10 amp. The 20 amp fuse in the ignition starter section keeps blowing every time we start it. I replaced the fuse and tried to start the car. First time it happened I swapped in a 30 amp fuse. One is located near the battery, and the other on the underside of the instrument panel. I have a 93 wrangler with the 4 cylinder engine. Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago when I finally went and picked it up from the friend I had sold it to 22 years ago. I figured out if i put a bigger fuse in it it will run for awhile but eventually blow it. Blowing Ignition Fuses!!!! correctly on the flywheel causing it to hang up and forcing it to keep spinning with the engine which heated it up? blown a fuse Fuse keeps blowing. Now Everytime i turn the ignition to the on position the ECU fuse blows now, fuel pumps dont come on, no lights on ECU light up. They let the car run for hours on end but the fuse was fine so they thought they fixed it by just putting a new fuse in. It quit blowing the fuse until it got under an eighth of a tank. So the wire runs up behind the dash and also runs out through the firewall into the engine bay. The engine’s electrical wiring is connected to that fuse on the Kawasaki models, while the Briggs and Stratton engines run the engine adapter through it. I had it towed to the dealer. After two days, I am told by the dealer, that I popped the main ignition fuse prob due to jumpstarting. Filled her up, turned the ignition on, clutch in and thumbed the starter. Automotive ignition fuse malfunctions pose a few unique problems, primarily since they're usually not the only thing on that circuit. Maybe try a 12 volt bulb in series with the circuit instead of the fuse. Took it to a shop and after a couple days they couldn't figure out the problem. Tracked it down to fuse # 102, ignition switch feed, however, each time I turn the key to start it, the fuse keeps blowing, and still no starter action. 14 Answers. I found the 'FI' fuse to be blown, and not the Ignition coil fuse (which I thought was odd, because there is no spark. so i Ignition E Fuse (#22) Keeps Blowing My wife's 2002 Trailblazer has blown the 10A Ignition E fuse (Fuse #22) several times in the past couple of days. Issue: The ignition fuse keeps blowing at random times while the bike is in motion. We had just recently had the fuel pump replaced so they put a new computer in it. The ignition circuit fuse blowing and the problem with the blower motor are almost undoubtedly not related. I scored an entire steering column out of a 2000 Sierra today, complete with the lock cylinder and all switches etc. Need help tracking down a short as IGN-A fuse keeps popping the second I turn the ignition to crank. 2) Is it necessary for the engine to be running for this fuse to blow. If that's the fuse that is blowing, my previous message applies. Ignition E Fuse (#22) Keeps Blowing General. If it blows immediately you have a short to ground, if it takes a while to blow it could be from a failing module or an intermittent short to ground. All other fuses seem fine. I was out on a days blast on Wednesday just gone when I stopped for fuel after 2 hours of riding. Push the button and other than a relay or two clicking under the dash nothing. About two months ago, our car wouldnt start. The place I took it to found that the raw water impeller failed (I just replaced it a month ago!), and the engine got hot. Somebody has surely seen this before, just gotta find that person I have a 2006 arctic cat 400m. I own a 2002 Ford Focus, 2. Would really appreciate some help. 0l SPI engine. These are the symptom's everytime I replace it and try to start the truck the fuse just keeps blowing out. 22 hours after picking it up, it happened again My 2000 Busa with 30,000 miles has just started blowing the 15amp ignition fuse (in the left side of the cockpit). The car will not turn over when the fuse is blown and the only thing that happens is the dash warning lights go out when the ignition is turned to start it. Ok, so I was sitting at a light today and my car died. But that didnt solve the problem either . That on blew. Was wondering about possibly something like an evap soleniod, or PAIR SOLENIOD shorting out when they come on,oe ECM could do this. We've checked all the wiring nothing touching. Possible short?? Please help. A shorted wire that is protected by the ignition fuse could cause that fuse to blow, but it doesn't explain why it only happens when you flip the kill switch on with the key in the ON position. ignition fuse assuming that you have a petrol engined cruiser the 7. Ignition Fuse Keeps BLOWING!!!!! now out of no where it started blowing ignition fuses in the fuse relay box under the hood soon as i try to start the car. Recently bought from a friend's parents, with nothing wrong with it other than the clutch. I towed it home. That "click" again, the fuse is blown, if I turn the key  10 Sep 2011 On trying to start my S1 today, the fuse was blowing as soon as you turn the key to put the ignition on (it has a starter button so you never even  If it takes more than a couple of hours to blow the fuse its most likely the fuel pump. I checked a couple of things and found out that the ignition fuse had blown. I have a 2000 S-10 2. Tried to start the boat with new fuse and it would blow the fuse immediately. Lately it keeps blowing an ignition fuse and I'm not sure why. It has been going on for some time, but now it is every time I change the fuse, it blows. 5-speed manual trans. Now Fuse is not Help keep blowing fuse 19. Ignition Switch / Starter Fuse keeps blowing. I had to remove the bracket that holds the ignition control module, and the coil pack to the distributor. I have noticed no pattern what-so-ever between the 3 times the fuse has popped. 81 KZ1000 LTD OK, so if any of you read my story on getting my old bike back then you already know it hasn't been ridden in about 12 years. When this fuse blows the truck will just die , the accessory postion of the switch will also quit working. Apparently the blowing of this fuse is a known issue and Peugeot have suggested changing the fuse to a 25Amp one to try to solve the problem. Replaced it and everything was fine Please help! My Ignition Fuse Keeps Blowing I have a 2006 Bayliner with a Mercruiser 5. Since it is the ignition fuse that blows only, I would first try to bypass you ignition switch, other words find the wires that goes to the base of the ignition switch unhook them replace fuse, use a wire or piecie of then metal I have a 2002 Chrysler Sebring GTC and among many other problems it has had, it currently keeps blowing the ignition fuse. It keeps blowing the fuse for the boot. The blower fan stops, but everything else continues to work. If I turn the key to accessory it will blow in a matter of seconds does anyone know what the problem could be ? Its the 15 amp that says 15a ig-coil meter on the fuse box cover. But now it won't start at all, and it keeps blowing fuses! The When I turn my key to start position ignition switch fuse keeps blowing think It is labeled ign sw batt 2 under the hood. Consider hooking up an ampmeter to determine how much current is flowing through the circuit, but make sure you don't exceed the meter setting. Then today i leave my house and the car just shuts off. Put another fuse in and it blew right away. The fuse near the battery is labeled "starter relay & ignition" and is supposed to be 40A. the first day is when i was going into a shell gas  22 Aug 2010 Checked ignition fuse (next to starter switch, 25 amp) and it was blown. That's what I found "enlightening" Mookie, the VSS gets its power only from the ecm, which is only fused through the "ignition" fuse, and the "ecm" fuse which is connected to the "keep alive" input on the ecm which always gets battery voltage even when the keys aren't in the bike Besides, the fuse blows before I even hit the starter button. Assume I know nothing I have the wiring diagram but I really don't know how to read it. I started checking fuses under the hood and the 40 amp maxi fuse for the ignition was blown. So far I have torn into the wiring harness I have ran continuity checks  CLK-Class (W209) - Ignition fuse keeps on blowing - so for the pass two days i had to replace my ignition fuse. Ignition fuse. i think theirs a short or bad ground some where. Why would the Fuel Injection fuse go out if there was no ASD relay is chattering and the control fuse 15a mini was blowing. I think you will find F8 feeds the starter solenoid which can take fairly large current for a brief time. Recently the truck had suddenly died and I traced it back to this fuse. Ive got a steady supply of replacement 10 amp fuses to pop in (is it supposed to be a 7. Where do I do start to Once again I'm stranded and my fuse 17 keeps blowing. My Chiltons manual says its good for model years up to 98 (says the same for the engine schematic). I think it the ecm fuse. I Have Looked At All Wires To The Engine And To The Battery No Problems There Ignition E Fuse (#22) Keeps Blowing General. "IGN E" powers a huge number of load wires, including the AC compressor relay, Park/Neutral switch on the side of the tranny, stop lamp switch signal (that goes to the PCM and the ABS module, not the lamps), instrument panel, turn signal multifunction switch, and the inside rear view mirror. So on my 1985 k100 the low beam stopped working, and a day later the high beam stopped aswell. I'm a hack with the wiring. In particular, if the blower motor works, on any speed, while at the same time the ignition circuit fuse is blown or otherwise "missing", that tells you for sure that these two "loads" are not on the same "circuit". I put in a 25 amp fuse and it does not blow, but … read more SOURCE: Ignition fuse blows. Of course the engine was off and I coasted to a stop only to discover the 30A ignition fuse had blown. What are my possible culprits? I read in the search that I should try replacing the fuse and just hitting the brakes in park. It would turn over but then nothing. Put in a good fuse and tried again. A Q45 forum / Cima forum for the President of Infiniti's lineup. If you keep blowing the ignition fuse, possibly there is a short in that circuit. If it blows instantly you could have a grounded out feed wire  It runs awesome except for the 10 Amp ignition fuse that keeps blowing. Im back to square one. I keep blowing the main 20 A fuse and I can't figure out why. Can a faulty fuel pump short out the ignition circuit. If not reinsert the others, breaker and starter relay one by one and you will find it in no time. 4 (no distributor) Tacoma that keeps blowing the AM2 fuse. Hopefully the cause of the fuse blowing is a bad switch in the column, either way the steering wheel lock in my truck was broken. My 2000 Busa with 30,000 miles has just started blowing the 15amp ignition fuse (in the left side of the cockpit). A fuse keeps a circuit from passing excess current and destroying whatever's attached to it or melting the wires and starting a fire. I changed the fuse again, and when i turned on the ignition, the fuse blew. Ignition E Fuse (#22) Keeps Blowing My wife's 2002 Trailblazer has blown the 10A Ignition E fuse (Fuse #22) several times in the past couple of days. Try just pulling in the clutch and see if that blows the fuse. Any ideas? Here we go again! This '04 Pontiac drove to the shop to get a starter interlock reprogrammed. I changed grips on mine one time and pinched a wire in the right handlebar switchbox, kept blowing the fuse until I "unpinched" and taped up that wire. Replaced relay due to no start, vehicle started but acted as if cold circuit was not working. I thought it was the starter overcharging so I went ahead and changed the starter. Removed the seat and noticed the 10amp Ignition fuse was blown, replaced it, it blew as soon as I turn my key to the on position. Anyone? Hey all, i had started replying to this thread here about my ignition coil fuse (and now I have a 2006 Colorado Z71 4X4 and it's been a great truck I love it. CANT Figure this outFuel Injector Fuse keeps blowing when ignition is turned. Ignition fuse keeps blowing Electrical & Lighting. Is there anything I can do to fix this? TIA I keep blowing my 15 amp ignition coil fuse under the dash. I've replaced it multiple times and it keeps blowing away, leaving me stuck in park only to replace it again. Re: Ignition Fuse Keeps Blowing - Help! Try this and see what happens. Hello all! Have a 2007 F-150 Lariat 4x4, suddenly no power to starter, and a few other things. the 20amp ignition fuse connected to anti-theft (F8 fuse) blew, car wouldn't start, changed fuse worked again. I guess the fuse blowing was a lucky thing, because I never got past idle speed and didn't run the boat that long. My problem is that the fuel pump fuse keeps on blowing. as soon as i replace it and go to put the car in gear and move it, it blows. Anything the key needs to be on for doesn't work. Then disconnect the purple wire from the alternator and go for a run and see if it dies when you back off of it. Nothing! Re: ignition fuse blows out Two questions. It just recently started blowing ignition fuses. I the fuse the make the car run keep blowing. Bookmark. Finally figured out it was a blown ignition fuse. 1987 Winnebago chieftain RV won't start ignition fuse keeps popping But the starter click on - My RV ignition fuse keeps popping as soon as I turn the ke × We use cookies to help our site to work, to help us understand how it is used, and to tailor advertising on this and other sites. The fuse is located under the dash on a block with all the other fuses. When I turn the blower fan up past half way the fuse D6 (air conditioning/heating) blows like clockwork. This setup has been running flawlessly Since March when it was put together. 20 Amp ECM-1 fuse keeps blowing It turns over, but there seems to be no spark. (It will turn over but will not fire up to start I have started it with easy start) I have took it to a garage and they say it's not the fuel pump it's electrical. 1999 C2 996 USA. well, just today it blew again. Just went out for petrol this afternoon and again the car wouldn't start fuse blown again, changed fuse started again. I looked under the hood and the 30 Amp Please help if anyone has any idea why ? I have a 2008 Suzuki king quad ltf400f & it keeps blowing my ignishion fuse I have unplugged all the connections in the front besides the ignishion & soon as I turn the key on it pops I I have traced it to orange wire from there & I Dont have m I have a 1997 plymouth breeze and the car will not start for us. I have good continuity from battery and starter relay to ignition switch (which passes through a fresh 20 A fuse). I swapped out the 30A power window fuse and tried to start the car which it did with no issues. and the fuse that keeps blowing reads "IGN/GAU" i really appreciate your help guys. Install a new maxi fuse and turn ignition on. Drove the truck home and it dies on my street :wall:. I tried to start it, nothing. I have noticed no  2 Aug 2018 The ignition relay is normally found in the fuse box situated underneath the hood. I put the car in drive and pressed on the gas. Changed the alternator and the fuse still blows. That one blew too. Recently, the IGN E . Most recently it blew the moment I turned the kill switch to "run". Can a bad ignition coil cause ignition fuse to blow dodge stratus? Why dooes my inj coil fuse keep blowing  30 amp ign run fuse blowing Electrical. Now blowing Bike: 2000 Ducati Monster 750 Dark Issue: The ignition fuse keeps blowing at random times while the bike is in motion. No power commander or any mods of that nature. A fuse keeps a circuit from passing excess current and destroying whatever's attached to it or melting the wires and starting a fire. 0L (Serial # 0W622338) Yesterday Boat seem to be running ok until it lost all power while going 20mph I found out the 15amp Ignition Fuse Was blown. when I went to put Ignition A 40 amp fuse keeps blowing. Kept doing it, so I removed the 3 diodes plugged in a row at the bottom of the fuse box, stopped blowing but of course now it won't fire, just turn over so I assume one of those diodes fed electricity to my fuel pump It was a pain to do. 22 hours after picking it up, it happened again Blower Motor Fuse Keeps Blowing » This is images about blower motor fuse keeps blowing posted by Maria Rodriquez in Blower category on Jul 25, 2019. 5 amp fuse also supplies power to the charge warning light, and the IC regulator in the alternator and is also connected to one of the coil terminals of the charge light relay. As soon as I  Ignition fuse keeps blowing. I have combed through the wiring at all the suspected pinch points and have found 07-05-10 11:54 AM - Post# 1940705 i have a 97 chevy 3/4 ton and my 40 amp ignition fuse keeps blowing every time i turn the key to the run position and i cant seem to find a loose wire or bad ground or anything what could be causing the fuse to keep blowing? Blowing Ignition Fuses!!!! correctly on the flywheel causing it to hang up and forcing it to keep spinning with the engine which heated it up? blown a fuse I have a 2006 Colorado Z71 4X4 and it's been a great truck I love it. Q: My car keeps blowing ign fuse . its an 87. Ignition coil fuse keeps blowing, we are at a total loss for ideas. 1) a fuel pump short that is causing my PCM fuse to blow. We have a 2003 Ford Explorer. I changed it agin and it blew immediately. After 30 minutes or so the fuse blows and the car will quit. The bulb should limit the current to a safer value. Any idea why my 10amp Gauge fuse keeps blowing. Reply. (Grab some more fuses) Warm the engine up, then you need to somehow open the choke so it won't close because the automatic choke will not work while testing. 9/10 times. Haven't been able to fire it up after the repair. I was driving the other day and the gauges all shut off and it died. Fuse only seems to last 6 days then it blows any ideas as to what the problem is and whether I can fix it. You have a short in your electrical system, the hair pulling part is finding it. Re: ignition fuse blows out Two questions. I cheated when replacing the clutch, and comp I don't think it had to do with moisture, but the combo of the itemyou noted being run on your last ride, coupled with a degradation of continuity on the battery cables restricting the battery from taking the charging while having a high amp draw, does sound enough to cause a meltdown on that connector from the alternator seen it many times, I ran 80/100 Napa headlight bulbs, and when I had On my 98" Montero Sport I just recently started having a problem with the ignition fuse out of the nowhere. I have swapped out all the fuses for fresh ones, which delayed the time it took the pop the fuse. I have combed through the wiring at all the suspected pinch points and have found On my 98" Montero Sport I just recently started having a problem with the ignition fuse out of the nowhere. appreciate the response, but its the ignition fuse, which doesn't have anything to do with the turn signals, they're on a seperate ckt. The fuel pump, in turn, keeps the engine running, so if the engine stalls A fried relay will affect ignition and it might even blow up due to  Checked the fuses and the ignition fuse was blown. Kill switch - the 'hot' wire the goes into it is protected by the key switch fuse. J. I isolated the PCM fuse by taking out the fuse for the fuel pump#19 (under hood) and the fuse for ignition coil and pcm relay#30 (under dash). Change the fuse and it will start right up. So, i got home, and i Hi All, I was driving around yesterday, when the car just died, and would not start back up. It continues to blow the ignition fuse once you exchange the fuse, before turning the engine over. A new ignition wire has been run and it is still blowing the 15 amp fuse. Engine cranks for about 2 seconds and blows the fuse. Brought to you by My engine fuse (20 amp) keeps blowing for no apparent reason. I noticed the no2 fuse was blown after that so I replaced it, and as soon as I hit the light switch to on (at the rights side of the handlebar) the fuse blows again. Drove for a few days like that and then the ASD control fuse (not the 30 amp) started blowing. 10 amp gauge fuse keeps blowing. Hi, my ignition fuse keeps blowing when I go to ignition position. Nothing! 07-05-10 11:54 AM - Post# 1940705 i have a 97 chevy 3/4 ton and my 40 amp ignition fuse keeps blowing every time i turn the key to the run position and i cant seem to find a loose wire or bad ground or anything what could be causing the fuse to keep blowing? If you keep blowing the ignition fuse, possibly there is a short in that circuit. 2) My coil pack causing it to blow the fuse. My car is a 98 gt. After a second or two the fuse blew again and I rolled to a stop about 10 feet down the road. 5 amp?), but I dont have a I have a 2008 GP. I was going to buy an ignition coil (cap, roter, plugs & wires, all new BTW), but I decided to check the fuse box first. but i dont know where to even start to look. So I got a new coil pack and a new 25 amp fuse, fired right up for about 5 mins then blew the fuse again, replaced the fuse, fired up My 98 ram 12v is blowing the 30 amp ignition fuse (under hood) I was able to replace the fuse, and drive to a location. Recently I have been blowing the 40amp ignition fuse every month or so. Found ECU fuse blown, replaced started and ran for another couple mins, died again with another blown fuse. I've changed it 3 times so far and each time I change it, it runs fine for about 30-50 miles and then it blows. I have a 2000 s10 it blew the ignition fuse the 40 Amp under the hood I thought it was the ignition switch replaced it an found it was the fuse then tonight the heater wasn’t blowing so I turned it off an went to restart it and it kept cranking til I disconnected the battery then everytime I put a fuse in it blows I’m thinking the relay is Well you've already got it troubleshot down to the ignition circuit, you've got a dead short there somewhere. Fuse 73 on the 2007 is for the transmission. A 40 Amp Fuse That Is For My Ignition. Replaced alternator and filled the tank. Is the a diagram for the fuse box? The letters on the fuse box is a little worn. Just recently though it started blowing the Ignition Transducer fuse. We took it to a shop and they said the fuel pump and computer both run off this fuse. Put another in. 76 CB550 keeps blowing the main fuse. I cheated when replacing the clutch, and comp What could cause us to continuously blow the Ignition fuse on a 2003 Ford Explorer when turning the key on? 6 Answers. Automotive ignition fuse  I checked the fuses under the hood and found the 40 amp ignition fuse had blown. You can also find other images like wiring diagram, parts diagram, replacement parts, electrical diagram, repair manuals, engine diagram, engine scheme, wiring harness, fuse box, vacuum diagram, timing belt, timing chain, brakes diagram I have a 1998 2. If there are electrical shorts or damage to those wires, they could be the possible cause for blowing the fuse rather than just the ignition. It seems somewhat dependent on the braking of the vehicle. A 20 amp was tested and it still blow that one. The 30 A ignition switch fuse (the one in the fuse box in the engine bay) was blown, and putting in a new one blew it right away, too. A few days later I went to start it and nothing . IF maxi blows then you ignition switch is shorting out. ignition fuse keeps blowing? I have a 1992 AWD Turbo eagle talon and It first started haveing a tough time getting started, I would have to give it gas to get it to start then it would run fine. If I replace the ignition fuse and just try to turn the car on it blows it 9. IE, should there be power to my main fuse even when the ignition is turned off? There are 2 fuses that protect the starting system. Anyone have any ideas??:huh: When the fuse blows I lose everything, display, engine, all of it. I then tried to start, PCM fuse was still good. the ignition fuse on my car keeps blowing on me. 0L front wheel drive low roof short wheel base. Why does an Arctic Cat 500cc ATV keep blowing ignition fuses when you turn on the key to start? Sounds like you have a wire grounded out somewhere in the wiring, possibly going to the switch. Nothing! Damn gauge and ignition fuse keeps blowing. it was my recently installed GPS that I tapped into the ignition switch, but 19 Oct 2016 Q: My car keeps blowing ign fuse . Hi i have a ford transit mk6 2006 2. With the ignition switch off, and a test light connected so that one end is on the main fuse and one end is on the negative terminal is my light supposed to light up? Currently it does. My ign fuse keeps bowing it will start but die and blow the fuse. Sometimes it runs for a few days then blows either while driving or the next time I start it. Will keep y'all updated. ignition fuse keeps blowing

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